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  • Android 12.0 Für 2008-2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS LHD Radio 9 Zoll GPS Navigationssystem mit Bluetooth HD Touchscreen Carplay Unterstützung SWC 100% stars service and good prices for solid products
  • By Allan, from Dänemark
  • 9-Zoll-Autoradio-Stereo-Player für 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Android 12.0 Touchscreen Bluetooth WIFI-Unterstützung GPS-Navigation I am happy with this product
  • By Jackson , from Tansania
  • 9 Zoll für Porsche Cayenne 2003-2011 Radio Android 12.0 GPS Navigationssystem mit HD Touchscreen Bluetooth Carplay Unterstützung Rückfahrkamera They are always quick to respond to any issues. Good seller
  • By Charles, from Vereinigte Staaten
  • Android 12.0 Für 2008-2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS LHD Radio 9 Zoll GPS Navigationssystem mit Bluetooth HD Touchscreen Carplay Unterstützung SWC Purchased the unit a while back and could not adjust the audio settings..
    After reaching out to Seicane Support, they requested me to send them my invoice and a video of the issue.
    The customer service team reached out to me under 48hr and took care of the issue with an Update Link for Android 10.

    After unziping the original file sent and leaving the "update.zip" file ziped on formated USB drive the update worked like a charm..
    Now all my audio setting are working properly and I can finally enjoy the Seicane unit to the fullest.

    Thank you Seicane for swift response and all the help.
  • By Yeagor K., from Vereinigte Staaten
  • OEM 8 Zoll Android 12.0 für 2014-2016 Renault Deckless Radio mit Bluetooth HD Touchscreen GPS Navigationssystem unterstützt Carplay DAB+ Ok,This product is suitable for my car. It's fairly cost-effective
  • By Jan Wind, from Dänemark
  • HD Touchscreen 2013-2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Android 12.0 9 Zoll GPS Navigationsradio Bluetooth USB Carplay WIFI AUX Unterstützung DAB+ Lenkradsteuerung For the price of just over 300 euros and then 70 euros shipping and another 30 euros import duty to the EU, it comes to a price of over 400 euros. At that price point, I was expecting the process to be a bit more professional and reliable. Although the supplied cables did match & work for my car, the installation instructions and operating manual are a disaster. Most pictures (even the ones on the website) don't match the actual product by a long shot. The back end looks totally different. Generic pictures & instructions used across many radios it seems. That makes the install unnecessarily complicated even for professionals. Compared to the minimal effort it would take to just take some actual pictures of the actual product during an actual installation & make a decent procedure. Example, antennas aren't clearly labelled & there are 3 of them. So easy to mix up bluetooth/wifi/gps. And the USB cables aren't clearly wired. Can't use the manual to compare because the backend pictures of the radio don't match.

    Also, there is no actual mounting hardware for this to screw into the dash. It just uses the "clips". The one i bought 3 years ago from Seican had actual hardpoints that screwed in. But since that radio died 2 months after warranty expired, i didn't have much choice but to buy another one.

    The GPS antenna didn't work. Had to use the old one. And the ODB II was dead on arrival. They credited me 10 euros for the GPS antenna but considering i wasted a few hours of troubleshooting, it was not a very nice experience. Overall, the product does seem to work now that it's installed, but the user experience is terrible. Also, my touchscreen is off by about 1 cm compared to where I touch it which takes some getting used to. Again, for 400 euros, expecting slightly more streamlined product.

  • By Bruno, from Deutschland
  • Android 12.0 Für 2008-2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS LHD Radio 9 Zoll GPS Navigationssystem mit Bluetooth HD Touchscreen Carplay Unterstützung SWC todo correcto
  • By jose manuel, from Spanien
  • Android 12.0 Für 2008-2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS LHD Radio 9 Zoll GPS Navigationssystem mit Bluetooth HD Touchscreen Carplay Unterstützung SWC Seicane was helpful at all times trying to solve installation problems. It is a great company with great products!
  • By Alberto, from Spanien
  • für 2004-2014 Volvo XC90 Android 12.0 9-Zoll-HD-Touchscreen-Radio GPS-Navigation mit Bluetooth WIFI USB-Unterstützung DVR OBD2 TPMS-Rückfahrkamera I never write reviews, but this is an exception. From date of order to delivery,Seicane only took about 4days and then the nightmares began,the fedex subcontractor in my country took me for a run around with customs for close to 14days..but all this time, so.eone from Seicane was checking on me to find out what the issue was by mail.
    They so went out of their way to make sure my delivery was sorted and after a long struggle from our customs I received the unit.
    It was well packed,in original box and also a packaging box...every connector was in there and the build and quality of the screen image blew me away.
    Bravo Seicane, im going to recommend you to everyone I know and thankyou for making the whole process bearable.
    You get ☆☆☆☆☆☆
  • By Denitto, from Südafrika
  • 2002-2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse W211 E200 E220 E230 E240 E270 E280 E300 E320 E350 E420 E500 E550 E55 E63 usw. Auto-Lichtwellenleiter-Decoder Die meisten Box Bose Harmon Kardon-Audio-Optikschnittstellen Hi
    The product is easy to install, and its quality is very good

    I have used it for more than a year

    I have this unit on a w215 CL MY 2004,
    I'm going to order a new unit
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  • By Grégory, from Frankreich

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