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Seicane Writer’s Guide


Brief Introduction

Seicane, specialized in the development and sales of car entertainment, security and ancillary products, is committed to continuously improve customer's driving entertainment and security experience. We are always looking forward ways to enrich our guides which can help car owners a lot. And now we are looking for guides on car radio removal and installation. If you have bought a car radio from us or you are interested in writing and are kind-hearted as well, then you can write down the removal, installation and test steps, post related pictures in your article and then send it to us. Or you can record a related car radio removal, installation and test video as well as write down some words, and send it to us as well. If your guide is adopted and published, you will receive USD100 per article/guide by PayPal from Seicane. And now this page aims to introduce how to write and submit your work. 



Content Guidelines

1. Guides aim to help those who want to remove their factory radio and install a new car radio. Therefore, it is essential that guides should instruct readers how to finish the car radio removal, installation and test process step by step. When writing, please 100% recall your car radio removal, installation and test process, and do not miss any steps.

2. Guides should be easy-to-understand, instructive and friendly. Please use the active voice as much as possible, and use pronoun “you” or “we” instead of “I”. Besides, please avoid unnecessary information and complicated explanation. You should write down the simplest and the most straightforward words to introduce every step in detail.

3. Guides should be written in English only according to the formatting described in Seicane Writer’s Guide. And guides should be edited in Microsoft Word instead of other office software. Besides, the number of words is not less than 500, and the resolution of pictures should be more than 1024*600.

4. If you choose to record a related video and write down some words as a guide and then send it to us, then the video’s format should be MP4, the resolution of videos should be not less than 1280×720p, and the numbers of words should be 200-300 words.

The main requirements of your work are:

a. Content completeness: An ideal instruction should be completed. You should write down all the detailed removal, installation and test steps and provide readers with your useful and valuable suggestions. You can introduce how to use your removal tools to remove your factory radio, how to connect your new car radio’s cables or wires to your original car’s plugs and how to test the new car radio’s operation effect.

b. Content Accuracy & Clearness: An ideal instruction should be accurate and pictures you post should be clear. What you write down should be straightforward, correct and inspective. Please make sure that you haven’t missed writing down every specific step. Additionally, during your installation process, please take clear pictures at a perfect shooting angle and post these pictures by order under every step you write down.

c. Content Originality: An ideal instruction should be 100% original written for Seicane.

We are determined not to accept works copied from other websites or other writers.



Tips of Writing

If you do not have a general understanding of the writing content, the following tips are especially for your reference.


1. Please list what kind of removal tools you use during the car radio removal process. You can tell readers what tool you use to remove the car radio panel or what kind of screwdriver you use to remove the mounting screws of the car radio.


2. Please specify how the car radio’s cables or wires are connected to the original car’s plugs. It will be much better if you post a clear wiring picture. If you had encountered some problems during installation, you are able to write them down and tell readers how you solved them.


3. Please introduce how you test the new car radio in detail. For example, you may turn on the unit and GPS mode to see if the GPS function is normally working. Or you can turn on Bluetooth mode, and confirm whether cell phone can connect with this unit or not. Anyway, you are free to choose to test several features you want to test and express one or two features’ test steps in words.


4. Please do not hesitate to tell readers your valuable advice. Whether in the process of disassembly, installation or testing, if you have some skills, you are appreciated to share them with readers.



The Submission Method


If you would like to share your car radio removal, installation and test experience with other people and would like to write for Seicane as well, please write down your instruction and send it to us [email protected].Or you can also record a detailed video and send it to us [email protected] as well.

When you plan to submit your guide by email, please make sure that the guide’s title is included in the subject line, and your PayPal account is in the body, therefore, we can properly compensate for your work.

If you have any doubts about the submission method, please feel free to contact our customer services or send emails to us [email protected] 



The Review Process


After we receive your guide by email, we need to spend from around a few days to one week to check whether your guide is eligible or not. During this period of time, you may receive our questions and suggestions from us, which request you to revise your guide and resubmit it to us.

We will inform you by email that your guide has been adopted by us and it will be published soon. And you will receive payment.



Reasons Your Guide May Be Rejected

We are very grateful for your hard work, however, we may not accept every guide. Your guide may be rejected due to the following factors:


1. The content is not completed enough. Steps or pictures you listed are not completed enough for readers to have a clear understanding of the car radio removal, installation and test process.

2. The content is not accurate and clear enough. Steps you written are out of order or pictures you post are not clear enough for reader to understand and recognize.

3. The content is not original enough. What you written is too closely similar to what is published by other websites.



We really appreciate your support and cooperation. With your help, Seicane will make more progress in paying great attention to customers’ needs, product development, quality control, marketing and other areas’ development.