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  • 9-дюймовый Android 13.0 для Ford Focus 2012-2018 Радио GPS-навигационная система с сенсорным экраном HD Bluetooth Поддержка Carplay OBD2 Hello, they were not working, however setting the canbus settings you advised they are now working! Thank you so much for your help!
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  • By bryanrose, from США
  • Сенсорный экран HD 9-дюймовый Android 13.0 для Ford Mustang 2015 года Радио Система GPS-навигации Bluetooth Поддержка Carplay Резервная камера That’s was it!! Thank you ! I now have power to unit thanks.
    Appreciate the help.
  • By sberumen, from США
  • 12,1-дюймовый сенсорный экран Android 10.0 HD для 2015-2020 Ford Mustang F150 Стерео Автомобильный радиоприемник Bluetooth Carplay Стереосистема Поддержка AHD-камеры J'ai trouvé l'option pour régler le volume du microphone et c'est dans les paramètres

    Vous pouvez régler le volume de Medio, call, mixing tatio

    L'équipe seicane a envoyé les étapes détaillées
  • By cabouret, from Франция
  • 10,1-дюймовый Android 13.0 GPS-навигация Радио для 2012-2016 Renault Clio Цифровой / аналоговый с сенсорным экраном HD Поддержка Bluetooth Carplay OBD2 Below on canbus type I selected 0x00_OFF and that setting finally worked. I tried everything with Renault in name nothing else would work. I have a Renault Clio 4 2013 900tce dynamic. Also password on radio to get to settings is 0000.
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  • By Zandre Du, from Южная Африка
  • 9,7-дюймовый сенсорный HD-экран для Lexus RX300 RX330 Toyota Harrier 1998 1997-2003 Android 10.0 Автомагнитола Автомобильная стереосистема с Bluetooth Встроенный Carplay DSP Поддержка 360 ° Camera DVR Thank you all so very much
    It WORKED i now am able to get my climate control selected
    I reloaded the upgrade followed your instructions and everything is back and working. Thank you once again for your great support!
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  • By Dean Hook, from США
  • Android 13.0 для HYUNDAI GENESIS LHD Radio 2008-2013 9-дюймовая система GPS-навигации с сенсорным экраном Bluetooth HD Поддержка Carplay SWC helped get the right radio so our car and install it
  • By JULIE, from США
  • Android 13.0 9 дюймов для 2014 2015 2016 Subaru WRX forester Радио GPS-навигационная система с сенсорным экраном Bluetooth HD Поддержка Carplay DAB + TPMS Was very unsure of the unit. Figured the price was so good had to try. Unit came in very fast with everything it needed. I did get a mic to install with it. did not want to risk the one in the unit not being strong enough to work well. I did have trouble with getting the wiring right on the plugs. Their after sales customer support worked hands down to help me get it working. All I had wrong was connecting the blue amp wire to the blue wire for the control box. once that was done unit came alive. the car never sounded better it opened the sound up. great unit if I need another head unit for any vehicle I will be checking here first.
  • By ed, from США
  • Carplay Android 11.0 HD Сенсорный экран 12,3 дюйма для 2008-2013 2014 2015 Mercedes GLK X204 GLK300 GLK200 GLK260 GLK250 Система GPS-навигации с Bluetooth Hi, My Android Head Unit is Draining my Mercedes GLK Car Battery. Every time take the key out ignition there's always power going into the head unit.

    Customer service responded promptly and helped me solve the problem
  • By Dan, from Канада
  • Популярная 9-дюймовая автомобильная стереосистема для 2009 2010 2011 2012 Ford F150 Raptor LHD Hign Версия с сенсорным экраном Bluetooth HD Поддержка GPS-навигации Carplay DAB + OBD2 Камера заднего вида I successfully installed this radio having no experience in electronics and would like to tell others that there was timely support every step of the way. You too can do this upgrade!!!
    Thanks so much for answering all my questions Carrie!

  • By Rosemary, from Канада
  • Для 2009-2014 Ford Fiesta 9,7-дюймовый Android 10.0 GPS-навигация Радио с сенсорным экраном HD Bluetooth WIFI AUX поддержка Carplay Камера заднего вида Hi I got it fitted and it is working thank you for your help
    The installation video on the product page is very useful
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  • By Kylemirren, from Великобритания

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