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  • 2017-2019 SUZUKI Swift 9-дюймовый Android 10.0 HD с сенсорным экраном Автомобильная стереосистема GPS-навигация Радио Bluetooth WIFI USB Поддержка DAB + OBDII SWC When installed, it came up to 100%. Looks great. The touch screen is sensitive. It meets all the declared characteristics. Android 10. The sound is good, Everything is clear.
  • By Jose Diaz, from США
  • 2019 Tata Tiago / Nexon Android 10.0 HD с сенсорным экраном 9-дюймовый GPS-навигатор с поддержкой USB WIFI Bluetooth и SWC DVR Carplay I took a radio tape recorder as a gift. The radio itself is normal.Very good equipment, quick delivery time , everything works well
  • By Joseph Lee, from США
  • 9 дюймов 2014 2015 2016 2017 HONDA CIVIC Android 10.0 HD Сенсорный экран Радио GPS-навигатор Головное устройство с Bluetooth WIFI Камера заднего вида AUX 1080P OBDII DVR Mirror Link Recommend!!! I took a simple one with 2 GB of RAM, everything flies, incl. video clips, I ordered from China, came very quickly, packaging for 5 +++.
  • By George, from США
  • Android 10.0 10.1 дюймов 2012 Honda Civic (LHD) Радио GPS-навигатор Автомобильная стереосистема с Bluetooth Цифровое телевидение Зеркальная связь OBD2 Резервная камера DVR TPMS RDS Управление рулевого колеса Came in 4 days from China! It's very fast. Everything is packed just fine. How to deliver, check, add a review.! While only positive emotions, I recommend the seller.
  • By Diego Hazan, from Канада
  • 2017-2019 SUZUKI Swift 9-дюймовый Android 10.0 HD с сенсорным экраном Автомобильная стереосистема GPS-навигация Радио Bluetooth WIFI USB Поддержка DAB + OBDII SWC Excellent radio tape recorder, fast, comfortable, nimble.Everything is working ! All right . Recommend
  • By Javier Rivera, from Армения
  • 9-дюймовый сенсорный экран Android 10.0 HD 2015-2017 Suzuki BALENO Автомобильный GPS-навигатор Авто Радио с WIFI Bluetooth музыка USB FM Поддержка SWC Цифровое ТВ OBD2 DVR perfect product.I bought 4 GB of 64gb 4g RAM.the radio works better than I thought.I definitely recommend it...After mounting the radio, I decided to make a soup. To make the soup you need celery, onion, carrot, chicken and buckwheat.in the late afternoon I took a bowl of soup and went to eat it in the car.enjoying a delicious soup and excellent picture and sound quality from the radio.
  • By Spinnoy, from США
  • 10,1-дюймовый Android 10.0 2003-2007 Honda Accord 7 Radio Bluetooth GPS-навигационная система с автомобильной камерой заднего вида 3G WiFi Mirror Link OBD2 1080P Управление рулевым колесом видео After installation, it looks very beautiful and integrated, just like the original one. The connection signal is very stable and does not affect the original function. All aspects are in line with expectations and I am very satisfied.
  • By Ben, from Австралия
  • 2014-2018 Chevy Chevrolet Silverado 10,1-дюймовый Bleutooth Радио Android 10.0 GPS Navi HD с сенсорным экраном Carplay Стерео поддержка DVR DVD-плеер 4G WIFI The navigation is very accurate, and the star search and positioning are also fast. You can watch movies, listen to songs and listen to the radio online! You can also download the APP. Installation is also very simple and convenient.
  • By Ernie, from США
  • 10,2-дюймовый Android 10.0 1024 * 600 с сенсорным экраном 2014 2015 Jeep Compass радио Bluetooth GPS навигационная система с OBD2 DVR 4G WIFI рулевым управлением резервной камеры Зеркало Ссылка The quality of the product is very good, the resolution is very clear; the customer service is also very patient. the overall use effect is very satisfactory, there are many functions to experience later, generally very good
  • By Ashish, from США
  • Android 10.0 10.1 дюймов 2.5D IPS Сенсорный экран Радио для JEEP Wrangler 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Bluetooth Музыка GPS-навигатор Поддержка головного устройства DSP Carplay DAB + OBDII USB TPMS WiFi Управление рулевым колесом It fits perfectly with my car, and has applications for surfing the Internet, navigation, listening to music, etc., and the logistics is very fast. I am very satisfied.
  • By Albino, from США

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