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  • Для 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Honda Accord 7 Radio Android 10.0 HD с сенсорным экраном 10,1-дюймовая система GPS-навигации с поддержкой Bluetooth Carplay DVR Nice thing. Connected, everything works and looks very interesting in it.
    The seller is good. Solve the problem with the radio installation.
  • By Nahun Ventura, from Ангуилла
  • 9-дюймовый сенсорный экран Android 10.0 HD 2015-2017 Suzuki BALENO Автомобильный GPS-навигатор Авто Радио с WIFI Bluetooth музыка USB FM Поддержка SWC Цифровое ТВ OBD2 DVR The packaging is excellent, brought home, delivery 2 days.The seller is sociable, the messages are answered.
    In general, the radio tape recorder is good!
  • By Nicholas Gillihan, from Бахрейн
  • 2017-2019 SUZUKI Swift 9-дюймовый Android 10.0 HD с сенсорным экраном Автомобильная стереосистема GPS-навигация Радио Bluetooth WIFI USB Поддержка DAB + OBDII SWC Fast delivery 5 days to me. The condition is excellent, there are no external damages. The seller is just super.
  • By george, from Австрия
  • HD с сенсорным экраном Android 9.0 9 дюймов для 2004 2005 2006-2012 BMW BMW X3 E83 2.0i 2.5i 2.5si 3.0i 3.0si 2.0d 3.0d 3.0d 3.0sd Система GPS-навигатора Радио с поддержкой Bluetooth Carplay Everything is fine, as always, the price is quality at the level.very good product, delivery in 3 days, works good. An honest seller. Fast shipment.
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  • By Manuel Dias, from Сент-Люсия
  • HD с сенсорным экраном Android 9.0 9 дюймов для 2004 2005 2006-2012 BMW BMW X3 E83 2.0i 2.5i 2.5si 3.0i 3.0si 2.0d 3.0d 3.0d 3.0sd Система GPS-навигатора Радио с поддержкой Bluetooth Carplay The radio came in 5 days . Installed easily, works very quickly. All necessary installed.
    Seller Super! Fast delivery, Thank you very much to the seller for the quality goods.
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  • By William Pilla, from США
  • 9-дюймовый 2013-2018 Toyota RAV4 RHD Android 10.0 Автомобильный стерео Bluetooth GPS-навигация Поддержка системы DVD-плеер ТВ Резервная камера iPod iPhone USB AUX Управление рулевого колеса This has everything you need. Car play wireless, you can download any app you want. Change background. Everything. No radio is like this so far. You can customize anything you want and how you wanted. Colors, order. Customer service is very responsive for any question or problem.
  • By Jose, from США
  • 10,1-дюймовый Android 10.0 для 2019 Peugeot Rifter Радио GPS-навигация с HD сенсорным экраном Поддержка USB Bluetooth DAB + Carplay Good morning, I would like to know if you are shipping to Réunion Island ?
  • By Alain, from Реюньон
  • 9,7-дюймовый сенсорный экран HD 2016 2017 2018 Jeep Cherokee Android 9.1 Радио GPS-навигация Bluetooth Музыка USB WIFI Аудиосистема Поддержка DVR OBD2 TPMS Цифровое телевидение Absolutely love it. Easy to install with all the pre-wired and clearly marked harnesses. Great functionality and look. Excellent sound quality too. Highly recommended.
  • By Serge, from США
  • 10,1-дюймовый Android 10.0 2014 Nissan QashQai X-Trail Radio Bluetooth Aftermarket OEM GPS-система 3G WiFi TV Mirror Link USB SD Авто A / V Резервная камера Installed (mostly) on a 2016 Nissan Rogue to replace OEM bose 9 speaker nav system.

    I asked many questions up front. I asked mainly about if the unit works with the oem camera, bose amp/speakers. I was told it is "plug and play"...so...after the back and forth, I decided to take the plunge.

    Shipping was fast, and when I received the unit, I was impressed. The wiring harness was nicely done, and while it was a little confusing to figure out how it all connects, because it came with two harnesses depending on your vehicle, it was looking great. I installed it in the vehicle, and it looked beautiful at this point.

    ...then I turned the key...the unit powered on, and I was excited. Once booted, the unit looked awesome. So, I clicked on the radio app, and tuned to a radio station. No audio. I went poking around in the various settings apps...flipping amp options on/off. Still no audio, and here is where the pain starts...

    Emails to seicane, required much back and forth, answering the same questions over and over...getting wrong responses for my particular vehicle...not being able to answer certain questions..and because of time zone differences...much time passing between real answers.

    ...in the meantime, my research online brought me to details about the nissan harness and the bose system, and I looked over the information only to fine that the harness did not have the blue amp signal wire on the nissan harness...but the head unit had an amp signal wire that was not connected to anything. So...I took another wire from the other unused harness...added it to the right pin...hoked the two together...plugged it in...and nothing. Used a tester/volt meter...NO POWER on the amp signal wire. Played with settings again...nothing.

    Emails yielded nothing. At this point, I was asking why the UI is sluggish...why isn't the backup camera working...why was that wire missing...why no audio...why are my installed apps being killed when I run them in the background...why did the EQ sliders not slide...why were my presets constantly being lost. The list was endless.

    Thanks to my own knowledge...hooked up the new amp wire instead to the power antenna wire...and now I had audio. ABNORMALLY LOUD AUDIO. The unit's harness was outputting speaker-level power to line-level amp input. Very bad. I had to rewire the harness a bit. Audio working properly now

    They sent me new firmware...installed it...wrong resolution...broke the display resolution...sigh...back and forth...finally...was sent new firmware. Working EQ! Yay!

    Fixed background apps being killed with the whitelist settings...but only 3 apps allowed in that list. Sigh

    Switched to agama launcher...much fiddling. So now...software wise...I am happy even with the various quirks.

    ...but hardware wise...a different story...still no reverse or 360 view camera...finally...they told me to go to an installer for that...so NOT PLUG AND PLAY.

  • By danny6869, from Канада
  • Android 10.0 10,1 дюйма 2011-2015 Honda CRV HD 1024 * 600 Сенсорный экран Радио GPS Навигационная система с Bluetooth DVR WIFI Mirror Link 1080P Управление рулевого колеса Very good product, just as described in the page. It works perfectly and fits perfectly in my CRV. The only thing missing is a good installation manual, but the customer service answered my questions and helped me in the installation very fast. Despite the product being well packaged, one of the plastic clips that snap on the radio arrived broken, but I believe it was the mail handling, because the box was pretty banged up. It is strongly recommended to get some professional assistance to install it.
    Im very happy with the product
  • By Leon, from Перу

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