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  • 9 pulgadas Android 8.1 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Subaru Forester HD Pantalla táctil Unidad principal GPS Radio Sistema de navegación GPS Bluetooth Teléfono WIFI Soporte Control del volante Cámara de respaldo Quality is satisfied. Assembled well. Everything is fine. Shipping is quickly.thank you.
  • By Ricardo Ypatzi, from Grecia
  • Sistema de navegación GPS con pantalla táctil de Android 8.1 HD del mercado de accesorios de 9 pulgadas para 2013-2017 Nissan TEANA / Nissan Altima con USB Bluetooth Radio Soporte 3G WiFi DVR OBD II Cámara trasera Control del volante It works well and it does bring an instruction manual,the seller answer questions quickly about the article and I will add more comments as I try
  • By Dário Siva, from Estados Unidos
  • Radio con navegación GPS Android 8.1 de 9 pulgadas con pantalla táctil para 2007-2011 Hyundai Elantra con Bluetooth USB WIFI Soporte de música Cámara de copia de seguridad Carplay SWC 3G To start off the unit fits very well and the color of the plastic is almost perfect. The cables for my car were different than the ones provided however Seicane resent the correct cables. I did need to buy an adapter for the radio antenna. Sound quality is great and Bluetooth is snappy. This unit boots very quickly and takes advantage of the factory USB port. I was able to take advantage of the CarPlay feature using a USB dongle. I am having issues connecting the OBD2 adapter because of conflict with the units Bluetooth however that could be avoided using a WIFI adapter. The capacitive touch buttons on the side work as expected. For the custom fit it is worth the extra money.
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  • By James, from Estados Unidos
  • 7 pulgadas 2005-2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee / Wrangler / Compass / Commander Android 9.0 Radio de navegación GPS Bluetooth Pantalla táctil Soporte de Carplay Cámara de respaldo Shipping is very fast to US10 days. I have received the courier. Thanks to the seller! We have not installed it yet. We will complement the opinion.
  • By Akroyd, from Estados Unidos
  • Android 9.1 2012 2013 2014 2015 Ford Focus 9.7 pulgadas HD Pantalla táctil HD Radio estéreo del coche Unidad principal Navegación GPS Soporte Bluetooth Control del volante USB WIFI OBD2 Cámara de visión trasera I have just recieved the product, all ok, mounted and all work good. Thank you and sory if i was to insistent.
  • By Savu Daniel, from México
  • Radio Android 8.1 con pantalla táctil de 9 pulgadas para 2008-2012 Nissan Teana ALTIMA Manual A / C Reproductor multimedia con GPS Navi WIFI FM USB Bluetooth música compatible TV digital SWC TPMS The tape recorder in my car arrived. I am happy with my purchase. the item is quality and good.
    it is Android is the most updated faster.i like it very is amazing.
    Although the item was late, it is due to freight traffic. As for the seller, the seller is good luck. the seller extended the term of protection, And a promised compensation. this reflects their honesty.
  • By Erkk Palm, from Noruega
  • 9 pulgadas 2014 2015 2016 Subaru WRX forester Android 9.0 Radio Reproductor de DVD Sistema de navegación GPS Bluetooth Pantalla táctil 4G WiFi DAB + TPMS DVR OBDII Everything is great. It works perfectly. the package arrived in two boxes. fast delivery to flat. I advise all this seller. I will no longer write you all the advantages. OK. it is already described several times. Thank you very much seller
  • By Nelson, from Estados Unidos
  • Android 10.0 9 pulgadas 2004-2012 BMW X3 E83 2.0i 2.5i 2.5si 3.0i 3.0si 2.0d 3.0d 3.0sd GPS Sistema de navegación automática con radio AM FM Radio Bluetooth Música Sintonizador de TV Cámara de respaldo 3G WIFI I have finally completed my installation. It works really well .... The switch is almost instantaneous. Sound quality is as good as bluetooth
  • By Shannon , from Grecia
  • Unidad principal de Android con pantalla táctil 8-core de 9 pulgadas para 2009-2013 Nueva Navegación GPS Estéreo con Radio Vela con Bluetooth WIFi The main unit is very high quality, it seems like it has completely changed the way my car looks inside. All OEM setup functions on this main unit. I wish it came with the 3 way gps harness which i have finished using the supplied gps antenna works fine. The sound of the system is also a more pleasant communication with the seller and responds quickly.
  • By Tung Vuong, from Alemania
  • Android 9.0 1998-2005 Mercedes Benz Clase S W220 / S280 / S320 / S320 CDI / S400 CDI / S350 / S430 / S500 / S600 / S55 AMG / S63 AMG / S65 AMG 7 pulgadas HD Pantalla táctil Radio de navegación GPS con Carplay Soporte Bluetooth Bluetooth DVR Very quickly, it came Fire Quality! All Inclusive and a camera and a CAMERA plafond All the adapter cables are included the camera is excellent.
  • By Darlene , from Egipto

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