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  • 10.1 pouces Android 11.0 HD 1024 * 600 Écran Tactile Stéréo De Voiture Pour Jeep Compass 2017 Bluetooth Musique Radio GPS Navigation Audio Système Soutien Miroir Lien 4G WiFi Caméra De Recul DVR Commande Au Volant Navigation software, singing software, watching TV, watching movies, there are many functions, can also download favorite softwares by yourself. the driving recorder and the reversing camera have high resolution and are also very clear at night! amazing!
  • By Rick Louis, from Royaume-Uni
    20 oct. 2021
  • Écran tactile 10,25 pouces Android 10.0 HD 2013-2016 BMW Série 3 F30 / F31 / F34 / F35 Unité principale Radio de rechange Système de navigation GPS stéréo de voiture Système de navigation GPS Bluetooth Assistance téléphonique Bluetooth Commande au volant The appearance is atmospheric, the system responds quickly, does not freeze, and is very smooth. The sound quality is also very good, the display is clear, and the resolution is high. The customer service attitude is very good, a very pleasant shopping experience!
  • By jorge Smith, from Chili
    20 oct. 2021
  • 10,1 pouces Android 11.0 1024 * 600 Écran tactile 2014 2015 Jeep Compass Radio Bluetooth Système de navigation GPS avec OBD2 DVR 4G WIFI Commande de volant de recul Caméra de recul Lien Miroir The delivery speed is fast, the installation is simple, and it does not affect the original car line. The system is very practical, can connect to the wireless network, has more functions, just like a smart phone, very convenient.
  • By Tara Leeds, from États-Unis
    20 oct. 2021
  •  HD Caméra arrière LED pour 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Honda Accord 7 soutien étanche,preuve de choc et bonne vision de nuit avec pas besoin de percer le trou+Balance des blancs automatique Excellent product and fast shipping. Thanks.
  • By Chris, from États-Unis
    19 oct. 2021
  • 9 pouces OEM Android 11.0 Radio 2004-2011 Ford FOCUS EXI MT 2 3 Mk2 / Mk3 Climatisation manuelle Système de navigation GPS Écran tactile Bluetooth TPMS DVR OBD II Caméra arrière AUX 3G WiFi HD 1080P Vidéo I had seen Seicane head units on You tube. I found the unit to fit my car which came with dash facia. After taking a picture to show it would fit the order went through. Emails were informative as to what was happening and dispatch. It arrived in a week well paced and all the leads needed to get it fitted. Easy instructions and I`m very pleased with the result.
  • By Nicola, from Royaume-Uni
    16 oct. 2021
  • 9 pouces Android 11.0 système de navigation GPS Radio pour 2015 2016 Kia Sorento avec lien miroir HD 1024 * 600 écran tactile OBD2 DVR caméra de vision arrière TV 1080 P vidéo 3G WIFI Commande au volant Bluetooth USB I had bought 4 Touchscreens before for Seicane .. and they are working perfect
    This is my 5th order .. customer services are 5 stars always responding to me and giving updates
    I had recommended Seicane to 2 off my friends as well and they bought from them also.
    Thanks to Mary and Simily and all Seicane staff.

    Ahmed Eltahir
    M: 00974-66569110
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  • By Ahmed Eltahir, from Qatar
    14 oct. 2021
  • Android 11.0 Pour 2015 Kia Sorento RHD Radio 10.1 pouces Système de navigation GPS Bluetooth HD Écran tactile Carplay support SWC Fast delivery and fast logistics. The navigation is good to use, as convenient as a tablet. It matches well with the steering wheel control, and the display colors and effects are very good.
  • By Robson Welsh, from Royaume-Uni
    13 oct. 2021
  • Android 10.0 8 pouces pour 2000 2001 2002-2011 Mercedes SLK Classe R171 SLK200 SLK280 SLK300 SLK350 SLK55 Radio Navigation GPS avec écran tactile HD Prise en charge Bluetooth USB Carplay Vidéo 1080P It is seamlessly connected to the original car without rewiring. The system responds quickly, starts quickly, the screen is quite clear, and the reverse switching is also fast.
  • By Kevin arish, from Canada
    13 oct. 2021
  • 10.1 pouces Android 11.0 HD 1024 * 600 Écran Tactile Stéréo De Voiture Pour Jeep Compass 2017 Bluetooth Musique Radio GPS Navigation Audio Système Soutien Miroir Lien 4G WiFi Caméra De Recul DVR Commande Au Volant it can be connected to the Internet. Don’t be bored in traffic jams. can watch the news and watch short videos haha. The screen is large and fully functional. Good navigation, highly recommended!
  • By Jones, from Royaume-Uni
    13 oct. 2021
  • 9 pouce 2016 Jeep RENEGADE HD Écran Tactile Android 11.0 Radio Système de Navigation GPS Soutien 3G WIFI Bluetooth Contrôle Au Volant DVR AUX OBD2 Caméra Arrière High pixel runs fast. It is very convenient to connect to a mobile phone. Easy to download software. Installation is also very simple. The customer service is also very enthusiastic.
  • By Gabor Hayes, from États-Unis
    13 oct. 2021

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