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  • 8,8 pouces Android 11.0 HD Radio à écran tactile pour 2013-2015 AUDI Q5 Mise à niveau de la navigation GPS Stéréo Wifi Carplay Commande au volant USB I opted for the 8gb ram and 128gb HD which really makes this radio pop. I have another car with 4gb ram and 64gb HD, and I can definitely tell the difference. I also went with the optional OBD adapter to read the cars diagnostics and driving info. It only cost 15 more and is worth it once I got it sorted. I experienced terrible Bluetooth audio from the devices microphone and planned to retrofit an exterior microphone. Then I read the manual(always read the manual), which says to pair with the vehicles original Bluetooth prior to using the android radios Bluetooth. This one change was the ticket. It allowed the android to control the call, and the car to handle the call. The cars mics are made for the cabin and are perfect. The screen is responsive and bright. The user interface matches Audis recent interface is easy to use. The android auto is fast and connects right away. All in all I'm happy with this radio. Also the customer service was very good. It took a day or so for a response, but it was consistent. I am waiting for them to offer digital instrument clusters as well.
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  • By Abe SQ5, from États-Unis
    25 sept. 2023
  • 10,25 pouces Android 10.0 pour BMW Série 1 F20 F21 2011-2016 BMW Série 2 F23 Cabrio 2013-2016 EVO Radio Système de navigation GPS avec écran tactile HD Prise en charge Bluetooth Carplay Su servicio post - venta fue genial, su respuesta fue rápida, olvidé la contraseña del dispositivo y me enviaron un correo electrónico a tiempo para informarme.
  • By David, from Espagne
    21 sept. 2023
  • Lecteur stéréo d'autoradio de 9 pouces pour 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Android 13.0 écran tactile Bluetooth WIFI Support GPS Navigation Très bon autoradio simple à mettre en service
  • By Didier, from France
    20 sept. 2023
  • Android 12.0 Pour 2008-2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS LHD Radio 9 pouces Système de navigation GPS avec Bluetooth HD Écran tactile Prise en charge de Carplay SWC bonjour
    je vous remercie de votre dévouement, pour m'avoir dépanné.
    je recommande vivement votre société, car vous faite preuve d'un grand professionnalisme.
    surtout vous vous mettez à la place des clients, qui non pas le BAC (+12) en informatique.
    arsicot michel
  • By michel, from France
    17 sept. 2023
  • In-Dash Car DVD GPS navigation for Volkswagen Sagitar/Bora(new)/Polo(new) with radio TV Bluetooth Best radio on the market or should I say best android tablet on the market for a car so many different features keeps me busy all day in the car
  • By nesik47, from États-Unis
    16 sept. 2023
  • 9 pouces OEM Android 13.0 Radio écran tactile Bluetooth système de navigation GPS pour 2015 2016 2017 Subaru Forester prise en charge WiFi TPMS DVR OBD II caméra arrière USB SD Reasonable price, easily fitted, infinitely adaptable and good to look at.
    Support has been excellent. All good.
  • By Hugh, from Royaume-Uni
    12 sept. 2023
  • 10.26" Carplay Dash Caméra Dvr Android Auto WiFi FM Prise en charge de la caméra de recul 4K H.265 1080P I highly recommend this unit. It’s fast, and been a great addition to the car.

    To install using the 3A buck line and got a couple of fuse taps to piggy back off the fuse box.

    The CarPlay opens automatically and does take a second but connects fairly fast. Having the wide screen is great for maps!

    The best feature is the reverse camera and Dvr. I baught a number plate light mount to install this, and it was only one wire you need to splice into your reverse light and the other wire goes to the unit. One thing it doesn’t mention is on the dvr view you can scroll the camera angle up and down, and the same on when your setting up your parking camera view. This is a great feature as I prefered the camera to look up for dvr and look down for parking. I’ve already had an incident where it was good to have the recoding on front and back, and the gps showing the your speed at the time of the incident.

    The customer service is great too, I had an issue with the 3A Buck Line and it was resolved within 24 hours.

    The only downside was the audio, it works fine but the quality is significantly reduced. Although to get around this, you can select the audio to come out of your phone and then connect your phone to your car via bluetooth/aux. This completely bypassed the unit and the audio hasn’t been a problem.

    Another issue was the screen mirroring. It works but won’t cast anything like Netflix, however I think this could the the streaming apps blocking this.

    Hope this helps
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  • By Alan, from Royaume-Uni
    9 sept. 2023
  • 10.26" Carplay Dash Caméra Dvr Android Auto WiFi FM Prise en charge de la caméra de recul 4K H.265 1080P Very good product. According to Specs. Long cables make it easy to have a tidy installation. Very good screen and touch quality and response.

    Excellent service and after sales service.

    Very fast delivery!!!
  • By Alkis, from Chypre
    7 sept. 2023
  • 10.26" Carplay Dash Caméra Dvr Android Auto WiFi FM Prise en charge de la caméra de recul 4K H.265 1080P Ordered on 31/8. Received at my doorstep today, 05/09!!!

    Product according to specs. Long cables support a tidy installation without loose cables!!!

    Great Car Play experience. An absolute value for money!
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  • By Alkis, from Chypre
    5 sept. 2023
  • 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee 9 pouces Andriod 12.0 HD Autoradio à écran tactile Système de navigation GPS avec prise en charge Bluetooth Carplay The product does everything as advertised. I love the way everything fit together.
    The lack of instructions is understandable because of the MANY different Make/Model/Year combinations.
    Be sure you research that the product fits your vehicle. I used GOOGLE to research as much as I could, then you must use common sense when installing it.
    I had one question, I emailed them for an answer, and received a reply in 24 hours.
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  • By Robert, from États-Unis
    31 août 2023

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