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  • Android 8.1 9 pulgadas 2004-2012 BMW X3 E83 2.0i 2.5i 2.5si 3.0i 3.0i 3.0si 2.0d 3.0d 3.0sd GPS Sistema de navegación automático con AM Radio FM Música Bluetooth Sintonizador de TV Cámara de respaldo 3G WIFI bonjour,
    Pourquoi faut il que je sélectionne le royaume uni avant de mettre l'article dans le panier pour l'acheter

  • By Salmon , from Francia
  • 2002-2009 Toyota Prado Cruiser 120 Android 9.0 Sistema de navegación DVD Autoradio con 3G WiFi Bluetooth Mirror Link OBD2 Cámara de visión trasera HD 1024 * 600 Pantalla multitáctil To tell the truth, I did not expect this radio to be as good as it is. In the beginnig I had some problems getting it to show the right time after putting it to sleep and waking it up again ( it always showed the time when it went to sleep ). After Seicane sent me a link to the new software and I updated the software, everyghing seems to be working great.
    Really pleased with it.
  • By Sigurdur , from Islandia
  • 9 pulgadas HD Touchscrren Android 8.1 2004-2011 Ford Focus Exi AT Radio con navegación GPS WIFI Bluetooth USB Música 1080P Video Espejo Enlace Cámara de vista trasera Does it fit my car?
    Ford focus 2, facelift, sedan 2008
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  • By Gabriel, from Azerbaiyán
  • Android 9.0 Radio Aftermarket para 2006-2012 TOYOTA RAV4 con navegación GPS HD 1024 * 600 pantalla táctil Reproductor de DVD Bluetooth WiFi Enlace de espejo Control del volante 1080P Vídeo After using this product for almost year below is my honest review.
    I purchased last year Seicane Touchscreen Radio for my Toyota RAV4 2011 with GPS Navigation, DVD Player Bluetooth WiFi etc. I received package with small delay.
    Installation was quite simple but instalaton manual shall be more descriptive. I found it on YouTube.
    Without plastic tool don't even try to remove panels.

    It is important to install GPS antena just bihind radio on metal frame bracket inside dashboard just behind radio. GPS antena should faced up. That is best place for GPS antena and its work fine without drilling holes and cabling... etc... I found that detail on YouTube as well.

    At beginning there were several issues with system but after adjusting device it works perfectly for almost a year. Integrated microphone is not good and separate micorofone shall be purchased separately for using phone over Bluetooth phone.

    Sound over DVD is much better than Radio sound even with all possible adjustments.

    Devce perfectly fits and it looks great. Bluetooth works great and WiFi connectivity. And there is day and night mode depend on the car lights.

    Most impressive part is GPS software. It is superb. very accurate (Speed limits) and precise.... great software.
    All keys are working and it is realy great product. Few times GPS application freezes but after restart all was good. Specially if you have may apps open.

    Playing YouTube is smooth and great. Even sound is perfect.

    Dont forget tor purchase antena adapter for Toyota because I forgot that detail and without that adapter - no radio hahaha

    I adjusted keys color to match Toyota Rav4 to orange yelllow color.

    Overall Im very happy.
    Great Job!!!
  • By Davor, from Croacia
  • HD Pantalla táctil de 9 pulgadas 2010 2011 2012-2017 Hyundai iX35 Android 9.0 Navegación GPS Radio con Bluetooth WIFI compatible 1080P Video TV digital Preis ok. Einbau ok. Zubehör ok.
    Sehr unzufrieden bin ich mit dem Radioempfang in Deutschland.
    Dieser ist sehr schlecht auch unter Verwendung einer neuen Antenne und eines Antennenverstärkers mit oder ohne Phantom Einspeisung. Habe mich jetzt für eine DAB+ Box entschieden.
    Mal sehen wie es dann ist nach dem Einbau der Box
  • By Torsten, from Sáhara Occidental
  • 10.1 pulgadas 2 DIN Universal 1024 * 600 Pantalla táctil Android 9.0 radio Sistema de navegación GPS con WIFI 3G Bluetooth Música USB OBD2 AUX Radio Cámara de respaldo Control del volante I got this for my 2014 Nissan 370z, i had a shop install it and it works perfectly i was able to keep my steering wheel controls to work without any other products necessary. i have a list of pros and cons for this product these are my opinion but if it helps someone else who is considering for their car i hope i helped a little. it is basically a tablet mounted like a radio you have it running android so it can connect to WiFi and use your google account to log into the play store. i was able to get apple Music and download all my songs. this is important because, i have had this issue not sure if it only affects my unit, after a short drive, i turned my car off to enter the store when i turned my car back on ( maybe 5 min later) my Bluetooth would not connect. i turned off my iPhone turned it back on to no success. rebooted the unit and i still was unable to see the Bluetooth connection. i came home and about and hour later i had to go out this time the blue tooth connected perfectly not sure if something is faulty or what but this has been my experience. it has occurred 3x in a span of 3 weeks so instead of fighting this i simply used the app store and downloaded Apple Music. if you have a USB flash drive with music on it, it will work just fine. The Bluetooth problem is my only big issue the other which isn't a issue but something to take note of if your car doesn't have enough space this unit is big so it will get in the way of things luckily for me it doesn't block anything but if you are considering this take a measuring tape to see what it will block, for most cars i imagine it will block a A/C vent or other things. Overall this is worth it and it looks better than the other name brand stereos that cost 2x more.
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  • By Luis, from Estados Unidos
  • 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 JEEP Wrangler Pantalla táctil HD de 10.1 pulgadas para Android 9.0 Navegación GPS Radio con enlace Bluetooth Música Control del volante Soporte OBD2 TV digital Cámara de visión trasera 4G Wifi DAB + Nel complesso tutto OK ma:
    - buona qualità della plancia da sostituire e perfetti gli incastri
    - collegamenti perfetti e subito funzionanti
    - buona qualità audio e velocità di accensione
    - OBD2 non viene letto dal bluetooth e quindi il programma(molto bello) non funziona
    - assente il manuale di istruzioni

    Consiglio il prodotto, molto ben curato e funzionante al pari di uno molto più costoso
  • By davide, from Italia
  • Mejor Panel de Doble Din 2015 Suzuki Alivio Radio Ciaz coche Fascia DVD Marco soporte para tablero Juego de acabados The frame looks awesome, i can't wait to install it.
  • By Rabelani Duncan, from Sudáfrica
  • Mejor Panel de Doble Din 2015 Suzuki Alivio Radio Ciaz coche Fascia DVD Marco soporte para tablero Juego de acabados The product looks great I can't wait to install it, just need to buy a radio first.
  • By Rabelani , from Sudáfrica
  • Gran 2Din Toyota Aygo Citroen C1 Peugeot 107 Car Radio Fascia DVD Panel Stereo Dash CD Trim Marco de instalación Had a little trouble with one clip not fitting in the bracket properly but managed to rectify it
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  • By Simon, from Reino Unido

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