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  • 10.1 polegadas Android 10.0 Para 2009 Mazda CX-9 Rádio Sistema de Navegação GPS com HD Touchscreen Bluetooth Carplay suporte OBD2 I want people to know that this unit is for years 2007-2012. I really don't know why it says "2009" when really it works for all those years. I just installed it in my 2008 Mazda CX9 Grand Touring. I have the BOSE sound system with the navigation touch screen. If you ask if this unit will work with your navigation screen they will say no and they are right. The unit "BY ITSELF" does not work with the BOSE sound system. I had to buy the PAC MAZATO ($60). The PAC MAZATO is what keeps your BOSE sound system and your speakers working with this unit. With this unit and the PAC, this thing is amazing! Built in apple carplay works great! the sound is amazing! Steering wheel controls work. I even hooked up a new backup camera and that works great! I also bought a different unit for my 2006 Honda civic two years ago and it still works!
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  • By Anthony, from Estados Unidos
    18 de Out de 2020
  • Android 9.1 2012 2013 2014 2015 Ford Focus 9.7 polegadas HD Touchscreen HD Estéreo para carros Unidade principal de navegação GPS Suporte Bluetooth Controle do volante USB WIFI OBD2 Câmera retrovisor Overall easy to plugin . A person who have little knowledge can pretty much can do it within 2 hours.
    Sleek 10 inch Tesla Style screen.
    Easy to remove and install with Stock radio. Only need to remove the Air control Plastic from your stock radio.
    Very interactive lost of options and navigating through the options

    No Installation Guide at All. they have been selling it for number of years and should have detail Installation instruction or video readily available.
    The Radio Cables come in does not fit into stock Radio cable. I have to buy it from online to attach to it to connect radio
    Confusing information with Cable tags and labels. Make sure Follow YouTube video otherwise you will not have any idea how to install.
    I deduct 2 start due to lack of installation instruction. if they can make installation instruction and video they must be selling alot
  • By Hassan, from Estados Unidos
    17 de Out de 2020
  • 7 polegadas Android 10.0 2 DIN Touchscreen Radio para Universal Toyota Hyundai Kia Nissan Volkswagen Suzuki Honda Sistema de navegação GPS Câmera de backup de música Bluetooth Ordered 15.07 on the tracker came 25.07, from the point of issue called 29.07 could deliver, but took it himself. The installation took 1.5 -2 hours. Delivery-5, packing-5 (you want not to crush), everything works, sound-zaeb .. Sy, навигация-5, adapter to the antenna is. recomed! respect the seller!
  • By Paul Fearon, from Anguilha
    14 de Out de 2020
  • 9 polegadas Android 10.0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Subaru Forester HD Touchscreen Unidade principal GPS Rádio Sistema de navegação GPS Bluetooth Telefone WIFI Suporte Controle de volante Câmera de backup Purchased and received in Australia December 2019, I was skeptical about getting this. I was very surprised when it turned up well packaged.
    Installed into Subaru Forester 2012 Diesel was very easy. Honestly 5 minutes to fit the deck. GPS antenna took longer and I did that first. Cable harness works. Make sure you send a photo of your pin connections. Works with steering wheel controls, youj have to use the learn function in the settings. Not hard to figure out.

    Quality good.
    Install easy-basic

    Now to the operation, basically it is a android table. Install apps, email and chrome function ok. Hotspot your phone to it for internet. Few updates to do when you connect, suggest use you house WiFi if you can on initial setup. Logged into google account no problems.
    Bluetooth for phone works fine. However I only have a android phone. No comment on IPhone as I don't know. For USB connection (for CarPlay) you will need to purchase the dongle.
    Honestly not a bad buy at all. Wait times for postage high due to Co-Vid. I am buying another as requested by my impressed wife and kids for their car.
  • By MattyC, from Austrália
    10 de Out de 2020
  • 9,7 polegadas 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 VW Volkswagen Tiguan Android 9.1 Rádio HD Touchscreen GPS Bluetooth Car Navi Sistema 4G WiFi Mirror Link OBD2 Câmera retrovisor The seller sent immediately on the day of the order. 5 days drove the tape recorder to me. Installed everything works. The sound is clean good. Packed well.Work and sound is happy.
  • By sigit wijaya, from Angola
    24 de Set de 2020
  • 9 Polegada OEM Android 10.0 Tela Sensível Ao Toque de Rádio Bluetooth sistema de Navegação GPS Para 2015 2016 2017 Subaru Forester Suporte 3G Wi-fi TPMS DVR OBD II Câmera traseira USB SD I installed the Seicane head unit on my 2017 subaru forester about a week ago. When I placed my order I was quickly contacted by the support team to clarify exactly what year/make and model my car was to ensure they sent the proper cables. The package arrived two days ahead of schedule which was a plus. After opening the package everything was protected nicely and all cables were clearly labeled. I had already spent some time on youtube learning what has to come apart on my car so I didn't run into any issues. The install went relatively easy with just a few minor issues. The hardests parts of all of it was taking off the old air vents so you could install them in the new housing and also trying to get the whole unit to clip in to place on my dash. I had to put quite a bit of pressure to get it in without any gaps along the edges. Bit after a little bit of fighting around it popped in place. Everything works as expected and although there are a few minor but/glitches it's nothing that I can complain about for a custom made head unit for only $200!. I've already recommended it to someone that has the same car I have and would also recommend to anyone looking for a nice upgrade from the factory radio.
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  • By Drew, from Estados Unidos
    21 de Set de 2020
  • Android 10.0 9 polegadas para 2014 2015 2016 Subaru WRX Sistema de navegação por rádio GPS com tela de toque de HD Bluetooth e suporte para DAB + TPMS Very nice article. Came to me in 8 days. Totally recommend the seller. It has all the cables for the group cars. Haven't installed hers yet but it looks better than the others I bought 1 year ago. I will upload multiple images on instalment
  • By Davash Jaglal, from Estados Unidos
    17 de Set de 2020
  • Rádio Android 10.0 10.1 polegadas touchscreen para 2011-2017 JEEP Wrangler Bluetooth Music GPS Navigation Head Unit Support Mirror Link DAB + OBDII USB TPMS WiFi Controle do volante
    Thanks you have received the radio and I have to Say Very Very nice I love it。
  • By nickbester, from Aruba
    10 de Set de 2020
  • 9 polegadas 2014 2015 2016 Subaru WRX forester Android 10.0 Rádio DVD Player Sistema de navegação GPS Bluetooth Touch Screen 4G WiFi DAB + TPMS DVR OBDII Pretty good had some dead pixels and was sent a new LCD screen to replace it. fitment of the head unit was perfect and install was a breeze . WiFi receiver inst the best but good enough. Software also inst really that good and looks a bit dated but as most androids can be rooted and customized to good and work great.
  • By Tyler, from Canadá
    6 de Set de 2020
  • 9,7 polegadas Android 9.1 Multimídia Autoradio Sistema de navegação GPS para 2006-2012 Toyota Corolla Touch Screen 4G WiFi 1080P Mirror Link OBD2 it is big screen.smooth touch.came very quickly and efficiently. the product is excellent, I advise everyone !!
  • By omega2255, from Japão
    2 de Set de 2020

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