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  • Plug and Play Carplay Touchscreen Rádio Bluetooth Música MP5 Player receiver Suporte IOS IPhone Siri Microfone controle de voz Câmera de backup Câmera de controle de volante Everything is super. Works great. packing at 5 + came in two boxes. fast delivery to the apartment. I advise everyone of this seller. I will not paint all the advantages of t anymore. k. this is already described more than once. thank you very much to the seller
  • By Happen Patel, from Alemanha
    15 de Fev de 2020
  • Android 10.0 9 polegada para Rádio Universal com HD 180 ° Tela Rotativa Navegação GPS Bluetooth WIFI suporte Carplay DVR SWC Everything is super! Sent on the fourth day delivery iml. Courier brought directly home parcel! delivery 5 days! as i install add feedback
  • By Michael Timpson, from França
    15 de Fev de 2020
  • 2011 2012 2013 Ford foco 1024 * 600 Touchscreen Android 9.0 Rádio DVD Sistema de Navegação GPS com espelho link Bluetooth OBD2 DVR Retrovisor Câmera 1080P 3G WIFI Controle de volante Câmera Retrovisor Product good quality Arrived well packed Arrived in 13 days Not taxed . Santana of deliverance and came very fast
  • By Zach Harmer, from Áustria
    13 de Fev de 2020
  • 10.1 polegada HD 1024 * 600 Ecrã Tátil 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Honda Accord 7 Android 9.0 Rádio Navegação GPS Bluetooth USB WIFI 1080 P Suporte OBD2 DVR Retrovisor I bought this car radio multimedia GPS. Everything perfect, SO HAPPY!!!
  • By .mrdheb, from Líbia
    13 de Fev de 2020
  • Reposição 9,7 polegadas Android 9.1 Radio para 2010-2014 Subaru Outback Navegação GPS HD Touchscreen Estéreo Bluetooth USB MP4 música Espelho Link SWC 4G WIFI I received my new radio for my 2011 Subaru Outback (Seicane H7602M) and I am very pleased so far.
    i will recommend this brand to my family.
  • By Edilberto gozo,jr, from Colômbia
    12 de Fev de 2020
  • Android 9.0 9 polegada 2012 2013 2014 FORD MONDEO HD Touchscreen Rádio Sistema de Navegação GPS 4G WiFi Bluetooth Espelho Link Backup Câmera Controle de Volante TV 1080 P First of all i thank you for your kind service. i have received my item and installed .
  • By Carlos Fernandez, from Austrália
    12 de Fev de 2020
  • Android 9.0 2013-2016 Mercedes Benz Classe G W463 G550 G500 G400 G320 G270 G55 HD 1024 * 600 Écran sensível GPS Reprodutor de DVD WIFI Controle de volante Hi I m fit your radio android for Mercedes b class Normal is very easy just plug and play
  • By Jim Martin, from Arménia
    11 de Fev de 2020
  • 2003-2010 PORSCHE Cayenne 8 polegada HD Ecrã Tátil Android 9.0 Rádio Sistema de Navegação GPS WiFi Bluetooth Música Espelho Ligação OBD2 1080 P Vídeo It arrived shortly before christmas and it's all o.K! Thanks for your fast shippment!!I've installed it to my car, and everything works well.
  • By Roi Miz, from Bélgica
    11 de Fev de 2020
  • 9 polegadas OEM Android 9.0 Rádio 2004-2011 Ford FOCUS EXI MT 2 3 MK2 / MK3 Sistema de ar condicionado GPS sistema de navegação Bluetooth TPMS DVR OBD II câmera traseira AUX 3G WiFi HD 1080P vídeo Quality is not a bad Android like it does not buggy works smartly here the sound quality of 5 to 3 but with the phone ended quickly Bluetooth works through distribution from the phone Internet works smartly pritenzy
  • By Mohamad Jamal, from Líbia
    17 de Jan de 2020
  • Android 6.0 Univeral One DIN Rádio Do Carro de Navegação GPS Player Multimídia com Bluetooth WIFI Música Suporte Espelho Link SWC DVR 1080 P Vídeo Everything is fine, it works. The flash drive reads. The sound is excellent (for most). Radio catches better than regular Ford Fusion. I recommend to buy for such money,
  • By Jorrie, from Mónaco
    17 de Jan de 2020

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