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  • Seicane S127509 Quad-core 1998-2005 Mercedes Benz S Class W220 S280 S320 S320 S400 Android 5.1.1 DVD GPS Car A/V System with 16G Flash 3G WiFi Radio RDS Bluetooth Mirror Link OBD2 HD 1024*600 Multi-touch Screen I researched all over for a retrofit for my 2000 Mercedes w220 S430 & all research led me to the Seicane s127509 and I couldn't be happier. It lives up to everything they stated & to be able to now have fully updated GPS functions & full Bluetooth capabilities, connect & play my old iPod classic thru my system with full steering wheel button functions is amazing. These guys have the system & I highly recommend! The finished install looks like it came installed from the MB factory, perfect fit meant. I had it professionally installed to my factory Bose 5 channel. If your looking to upgrade this is the unit.
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  • By Cactuskoolaid, from United States
    Jan 9, 2017
  • 2008-2013 Subaru Forester Impreza Android 5.1.1 Radio DVD GPS Navigation system Touchscreen Bluetooth TV 1080P WIFI Rearview camera Steering Wheel Control Mirror link OMG what a wonderful installation!!!
    These guys allowed for everything! When I bought the system for my Subaru, I thought it was interesting when they requested a picture of my dash.
    HOLY SMOKES, I get the thing and all the hook-up wires were selected for my specific vehicle. I thought I was going to be installing a system and manually hooking-up all the speakers separately.
    To my surprise, everything I needed was in the shipment I received. I was able to install the camera, the GPS antenna, and all the rest without much of a hassle.
    FANTASTIC company to do business with...Thanks Seincane!!!
  • By Edmond Ray, from United States
    Jan 4, 2017
  • 10.1 inch HD Touch Screen 2011 2012 2013-2016 JEEP Wrangler Android 5.0.1 GPS Navigation Radio with Mirror Link OBD2 Digital TV Wifi Bluetooth Music Steering Wheel Control Rearview Camera Quality is very good, unfortunately still running Android 5.0. While Android 7.1 is already out. This big screen could potentially use some good upgrade to latest Android to be able to be utilized at its best !!
  • By Joseph, from United States
    Nov 29, 2016
  • Seicane S09206 Aftermarket Android 4.4.4 DVD Player GPS Navigation system for 2002-2007 Dodge Durango Dakota P/U with OBD2 Bluetooth Radio Mirror link Touch Screen DVR Backup camera TV USB SD 1080P Video WIFI Steering Wheel control I had some issues after installation with the radio cutting out when the door opens. It turns out that the 2005 Durango's ACC power comes from a BUS and isn't 'tied' to the ignition.
    Seicane responded to each of my emails during my discovery of the root cause, which was really nice knowing that I was forgotten because I purchased from the US. (and I sent plenty of emails, lol)
    It wasn't until I hooked up my multi-meter to the ACC wire before I discovered the issue. I simply spliced into the cigarette wire (it turns off when key is off) and all is great!
    The head unit is quite responsive and runs as advertised. I am still trying to figure out storage and getting my apps to the SD card in the SD slot, it seems like there is an internal SD card so I'm not quite sure where all the disk space is going since I only have 1GB for app installs and like 12GB free/available.

    All-in-all, running Android and fitting my Durango make this a great purchase!
  • By Derek Adams, from United States
    Nov 28, 2016
  • 8 Inch Aftermarket Android 6.0 Touch Screen GPS Navigation system For 2005-2015 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA Support Bluetooth Radio TPMS DVR OBD II Rear camera AUX Headrest Monitor Control USB  HD 1080P Video 3G WiFi Habe folgendes Teil bei Seicane bestellt ohne zu wissen ob wohl alles klappen wird. Mittlerweile ist alles da und eingebaut bin super zufrieden vor allem der Support per Mail ist sehr gut, auf alle Fragen gab es fachmännische Auskunft. Zusätzlich sind noch 52€ Zoll dazugekommen, so ist das eben. Bin auf jeden Fall top zufrieden , best Service thanks! 8 Zoll Nachrüst Android 4.4.2 Touch Screen GPS Navigationssystem für 2005-2015 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA Unterstützt Bluetooth Radio TPMS DVR OBD II Hintere Kamera AUX Kopfstütze Monitor Control USB HD 1080P Video 3G WiFi Optionen Wireless Rearview Camera Model: S088701
  • By Björn , from Germany
    Nov 27, 2016
  • Quad-core Autoradio Android 5.1.1 GPS navigation system for 2013-2016  Toyota   RAV4 with DVD player Bluetooth  Mirror link  Capacitive multi-touch screen OBD DVR  TV USB SD 3G WIFI Rear view camera  16G Flash Hola compañeros de Seicane,

    ionformo que mi Autoradio para el TOYOTA RAV4 fué instalada el dia 09 de Noviembre 2016, funcionando todo perfecto menos la camara trasera de serie que trae de Fabrica toyota rav4, no es compatible

    Compañeros hoy dia 15 de Noviembre 2016 a dejado de funcionar la Autoradio para el TOYOTA RAV4y no enciende nada, solo funciona EXIT para extraer DVD

    Llevaba unos días atrás fallando el interruptor Power, hasta dejar de funcionar y mañana se lo llevaré al instalador tecnico que lo instaló empresa (AUDIO SYSTEM TUNNING)

    Mañana os comento cuando lo vea y me comente el tecnico

  • By Saludos, from Spain
    Nov 26, 2016
  • 2 Din 2003-2011 VW Volkswagen Golf Plus VI MK5 DVD GPS Car Stereo Bluetooth Music AM FM Radio TV Rearview Camera IPOD IPhone AUX USB SD MP3 Steering Wheel Control Easy to use , easy to install very good customer service.
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  • By Samuel, from Israel
    Nov 22, 2016
  • Android 5.0.1 9 inch 1024*600 Touchscreen 2014 2015 Mazda 3 Axela GPS Navigation with WIFI USB OBD2 AUX RDS Steering Wheel Control Backup Camera DVR AM FM 4G Bluetooth Music I completely gutted my Bose System. The unit is installed and working well so far. Unfortunately I lost my steering wheel controls, cd, player, FM Antenna, GPS antenna, HD Radio, External Microphone, Time Till Next Oil Change and the USB ports built into the console. None would work with the Unit according to the professional stereo installation shop.

    I used an after market FM antenna, it came with a GPS antenna but now that is on my dash instead of the one built into the roof. No HD Radio though.If I ordered the DVD I guess I would have a CD player but honestly I never used the original. The internal mic on the screen is not good, google now doesn't understand what I am saying. Asked if I could use an external microphone via e-mail to Seicane but they didn't understand what I was asking. I comes with USB but it is sitting in my glove box now instead of the ones already built into the console.

    On the positive I have the play store, Waze, Google Maps, whatever you want on it you can pretty much do. The sound quality is not the best though, the guys at the stereo shop benched it and tested its distortion and such. The screen is big and beautiful and can play music videos on it, while listening to your music. Also I have the OBDII monitor and can monitor most engine information on nice digital dials on the screen that you otherwise would not see.

    Overall I am happy with it. Just wish they made one that would have replaced the Bose one better if you have your own aftermarket amplifiers.
  • By Jeremy, from United States
    Nov 6, 2016
  • Seicane S127510 Quad-core Android 5.1.1 Radio GPS Audio System for 2006-2013 Mercedes Benz R Class W251 R280 R300 R320 R350 R63 with 16G Flash CD DVD Player 3G WiFi Bluetooth Music Mirror Link OBD2 I had my doubts at first. But when the system arrived, it was just what I expected. Not only fit like a factory replacement, but the features were awesome! Will highly recommend!!!
  • By JR, from United States
    Oct 19, 2016
  • Fiat Panda DVD player with GPS navigation Radio Bluetooth Ipod Very good the car stereo is fantastic.thanks.
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  • By paolo, from Italy
    Oct 3, 2016

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