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    • Q:
    • Hello guys! I want to buy a navigation like this for my skoda fabia from 2006 year,

      It is possible to fix the navigation in the car without remaining any goals and it will work ? I didnt seen at any skoda fabia 2006 an navigation like this installed.


    • 12/02/2018
    • A:
    • Dear customer
      This unit has navigation itself and Could you please send us the photo of your car's dashboard?
      Then we can help you to check if it can fit your car

      Por Seicane

    • 14/09/2020
    • Q:
    • Are rear parking sensors working with compatible models for Skoda Octavia 2?

      Hello team,

      As another customer asked before, are the Skoda compatible models work with rear sensors as well? For instance, based on available filters, these should be the models that are compatible with Skoda Octavia 2 pre facelift model (up to 2008):

      As you can see in the pictures bellow, the car's original head unit has rear sensors display. Is the same functionality supported on the models from here: ?

      Thank you.


    • 27/12/2017
    • A:
    • Dear customer
      This unit can fit your car and it can support your car's rear sensors itself , please place order directly on our website

      Por Seicane

    • 06/09/2020
    • Q:
    • Is rear parking sensors working with this model?

      Hi, I have Skoda Octavia (2008) 1.6 with installed default Stream radio. As you can see in attached picture there are rear parking sensors.
      Is same functionality supported on:



    • 13/03/2017
    • A:
    • Dear customer,
      Thanks for your information,
      we are so sorry to tell you we can not see your car's dashboard clearly,
      so could you please send again to us and could the car's dashboard piture be more bigger?
      Then we can check which unit fits your car.
      Have a nice day!

      Por Seicane

    • 21/09/2020

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