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    • Q:
    • Does this unit come witj all the interface wiring to simply plug & play for 2013 A7/A6 for all contr

      For all concol & steering controls (car has rear cam & parking sensors as OE.
      I take it OE satnav & dash display in front of driver between clocks becomes redundant


    • 04.01.2019
    • A:
    • Dear
      Thank you for your inquiry and we are happy to contact you.
      the itemmcan support the steering wheel control, amp, not support the parking sensor
      This unit can support your original car's rear camera if your car's rear camera has AV plug. If your car's rear camera doesn't have AV plug,then need to buy one adapter
      Could you please send us the photo of your car's dashboard? And could you please tell us the model and year of your car?
      We will help you check it

      Durch Seicane

    • 15.11.2019

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