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    • Q:
    • suitable unit for MAZDA 6?

      - Please see photo of my interieur - fit this unit in my car?

      - I have:
      BOSE soundsystem
      factory Rear camera & parking sensors
      Buttons on Steering wheel and joystick on the mid panel
      ->will all this stuff remain functional with your unit?
      In my radio there are settings for the car such: Lights atomatic etc. will it support your unit?

      Thank you


    • 09.07.2019
    • A:
    • Dear,yes,this unit will fit for your car.plz place order directly on our website.thanks for your order in advance.
      but you need to buy the adapter to support the bose system.we don't sell the adapter.
      it could not support factory Rear camera parking sensors , joystick .
      but it could support the steel wheel control and Lights atomatic.

      Durch Seicane

    • 29.06.2020
    • Q:
    • CX-5 with BOSE

      Does this unit support CX-5 with original gps, rear parking camera and BOSE system and steering wheel control and joystick? See photos.


    • 22.05.2018
    • A:
    • Dear Fero,
      Thank you for your inquiry!
      This unit can support CX-5 with original gps, rear parking camera, BOSE system, steering wheel control and joystick. Could you please send us the photo of the photo of interface diagram? And then we can help you to further check if it ca fit your car.

      Best regards!

      Durch Seicane

    • 05.07.2020
    • Q:
    • Upgraded Model

      Will you be releasing an upgraded model with 8 core and Android 8 support for the Mazda CX-5?


    • 12.03.2018
    • A:
    • Dear customer
      Could you please send us the photo of your car's dashboard?
      Then we can help you to check if it can fit your car

      Durch Seicane

    • 08.07.2020
    • Q:
    • Does it works in my car?

      I am from United Kingdom. Will this unit fit Mazda CX5 sport, 5.8" screen (no navigation), registered 11.01.2014, manual with Bose speakers?
      Does gps support map updates?
      May I use cars rear view camera with unit (original Mazda)?
      Does all buttons on steering wheel works?
      Does USB port between front chairs works?
      Does navigation knob works (between the front seats)?


    • 19.08.2017
    • A:
    • Dear customer
      This unit can fit your car and this unit can support the gps software updates.
      Your steering wheel controls can still work after installation and this unit has USB port and this unit has navigation
      We are checking if it can support your factory rearview camera and bose system and we will inform you when there is a result
      Hope you would understand!
      Please place order directly on our website

      Durch Seicane

    • 07.07.2020
    • Q:
    • GPS SD card port & Mounting Bracket for Head Unit.

      1. I refer to my Order # 105280750 for item s301129. Viewed a phot of the items included with the head unit and the rear mounting bracket was not in the box. Can the bracket be sent to me as soon as possible?
      2. I examined the unit and notice no port / socket to plug in the GPS navigation SD card. Does the unit wiring connect direct to the factory fitted port on the Mazda CX5 dashboard, or do I have to connect an external card reader via a USB port?
      3. The installation / user manual does not specifically cover this model of head unit and some information shown is difficult or not possible to work out (exampel: How to get and install map updates & POI for navigation).
      Please guide me with these matters so that I can get the unit installed and start enjoying what I bought.


    • 04.11.2016
    • A:
    • hello,our after sale team will reply you at once.Thank you

      Durch Seicane

    • 05.07.2020

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