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    Tab 1 Body
    • Q:
    • My 2005 Dakota pickup truck dashboard looks different than the one in your add

      Will the indash radio fit in my truck? Also can a backup camera be connected and do you sell them?


    • 25.10.2018
    • A:
    • Dear,yes ,it can fit your car,
      This unit can support your original car's rear camera if your car's rear camera has AV plug. If your car's rear camera doesn't have AV plug,then need to buy one adapter
      please place the order directly on the website

      Durch Seicane

    • 22.05.2020
    • Q:
    • 2002-2007 Dodge Dakota Radio

      Does the dash (-) mean that 2006 is included?

      Is there a way to update the maps


    • 14.06.2018
    • A:
    • Dear Patrick,
      2006 Dodge Dakota is included and we will help you to install GPS software when processing the unit, and it can support online and offline navigation app from Google Play App market.
      Could you please send us the photo of your car's dashboard? Then we can help you to check if this unit can fit your car.

      Durch Seicane

    • 22.05.2020

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