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    Tab 1 Body
    • Q:
    • Hi. I want to know if this is for my nisan micra 2002

      I do not know if this is compatible, Here I leave a photo


    • 20.08.2018
    • A:
    • Dear customer
      This unit is out of stock and could you please tell us the size of your car's radio ? Then we can help you to check which other unit can fit your car , thank you

      Durch Seicane

    • 13.10.2020
    • Q:
    • Will my steering wheel control work with this unit

      Please note that currently I have a unit in that said it is steering wheel compatible bit work on a 3 wire system mine has got 5 wires


    • 30.05.2018
    • A:
    • Dear Wernet,
      Your original steering wheel control can still work after installation. Could you please send us the photo of your car's whole dashboard? And could you please tell us the size of your radio? Then we can help you to further check if it can fit your car.

      Durch Seicane

    • 08.10.2020
    • Q:
    • I have a Nissan navara produced on 01/01/2008. I attach a file with a photo.

      I would like to know what can you offer me from your equipment for this car.

      I'm thinking about this device : https://www.seicane.com/2001-2011-nissan-navara-android-dvd-player-radio-gps-navigation-system-mirror-link-touch-screen-obd2-dvr-tv-3g-wifi-bluetooth-usb-sd-ipod-rearview-camera-1080p-video-steering-wheel-control-s166226


    • 11.10.2017
    • A:
    • Dear chief
      Thank you for your inquiry and we are happy to contact you.
      We are checking it for you and we will let you know when there is the feedback , hope you would understand , thank you

      Durch Seicane

    • 12.10.2020
    • Q:
    • Measurements of the radio


      The width is 7in x 4in


    • 29.09.2016
    • A:
    • Dear Eddie
      Thanks for your information
      this unit can fit your car, please place order directly on our website

      Durch Seicane

    • 01.10.2020
    • Q:
    • Hi Will this unit fit into Nissan navara 2014

      Will this unit fit into a Nissan Navara 2014 , Will it come with all the correct harness for same model



    • 22.09.2016
    • A:
    • Dear Edward
      Thanks for your information
      Could you please tell us the measure of your original radio? as follow

      Durch Seicane

    • 10.10.2020

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