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    • Q:
    • is cover H284L-L included

      on the webside of h284L-L mediasystem for dacia duster 2010 the both covers (black or silver) are optional.
      But I do not see this item in the description


    • 11 févr. 2020
    • A:
    • yes,you can see the color options on the listing.

      Par Seicane

    • 1 mai 2020
    • Q:
    • I would to buy 10 inci android dbd GPA for ford galaxy 2008

      I see 10.5 inci for ford monden can I put for ford galaxy


    • 3 juin 2017
    • A:
    • Dear customer,
      Thanks for your information,
      we are so sorry to tell you this unit can not fit your car,
      hope you can understand.
      If you need any help, feel free to contact us.
      Have a nice day!
      Best wishes,

      Par Seicane

    • 25 mai 2020

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