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    • Q:
    • Hazard button

      How does the cars hazard lights connect to new unit?


    • 17 févr. 2020
    • A:
    • Dear,so sorry to hear that.to help you quickly,could you plz contact our after sales staff?send your problems to [email protected] for your kindly understanding.

      Par Seicane

    • 18 févr. 2020
    • Q:
    • Hello, is it possible to fit this unit in the 2008 tiguan? I am using the RNS510 now.

      Alsowhere is the 3G dongle connected?


    • 3 oct. 2016
    • A:
    • Dear kostas
      To better answer your question
      Could you please send us the photo of your car's dashboard?
      Then we can help you to check it.
      there is a usb port behind this unit for the 3G dongle connected

      Par Seicane

    • 18 févr. 2020

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