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  • Fiat Panda DVD player with GPS navigation Radio Bluetooth Ipod I replaced my Fiat Panda factory unit with this all-in-one GPS Navigation system. Had the new unit installed effortlessly within one hour. Very simple! Totally plug and play.
    The key features I like: accurate navigation, good sound, convenient steering wheel control and various multimedia functions.
    If you are afraid of complicated installation and expect both GPS and multimedia features, you will surely like it!
    I am also considering to buy another one for my 2004 Benz G500.Thanks for the great help from SEICANE team.
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  • By Gilbert,
    Nov 25, 2014
  • Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz S-W220 with GPS Radio TV Bluetooth I was concerned about the quality of the stereo and wondered if it is as good as described at first. Well, by far, everything meets my expectations. It has not not let me down.
    The unit fits to my car quite well without any gap. All the functions that attracted me such as HD touch screen, GPS, AM/FM Tuner, Bluetooth, TV, Ipod are performing properly. My original car's steering wheel controls work very well with it too.
    If you want to upgrade your car, this is definitely a very awesome choice!
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  • By Thomas,
    Nov 25, 2014
  • Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz CLK-W209 with GPS Radio TV Bluetooth Touch Screen Before the stereo upgrade, I was looking for an in dash Sat Nav System with GPS touch screen cd dvd rear camara ect because my factory one quite out-of-date without navigation.
    Looking beautiful, this unit is of the same shape with the original one. I've got this fitted to my car without any gap.
    Along with the desirable 3D gps, another important feature attracted me is that it also comes with DVD player and supports 1080P video.
    It is very cost-effective considering all these benefits. Worth recommending!
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  • By Travis,
    Nov 21, 2014
  • Car dvd player for Hummer H3 with GPS Radio TV Bluetooth Purchased this autoradio GPS system for my 2007 Hummer H3.
    My factory unit comes with the car does not have navigation and is the basic CD player. That's my major reason for the radio upgrade.
    The installation is plug-and-play. Nothing complicated.SEICANE sent me all the needed cables for connecting to my old cables. I've just plugged them all together.
    If you are bored with your current stereo and is looking for an aftermarket one. I recommend this to you. You will like the additional features such as AM FM Tuner, Bluetooth, TV, DVD.
    By the way, if you would like to have real time traffic information, remember to have the TMC option checked. It is quite convinient for driving.
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  • By Adrain,
    Nov 20, 2014
  • All in one Android 9.0 Autoradio GPS Navi DVD Player Head unit for 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara Support Bluetooth USB WIFI OBD2 DVR 1080P Video Digital TV I've replaced my factory radio with this amazing multimedia navigation system under the help of SEICANE. They were really patient and professional!That’s indeed quite impressive!
    This stereo comes in time as I am planning a trip with family. I can surely rely on its built-in 3D GPS with turn-by-turn voice directions. It also allows me to make hands-free call and stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth. Dual-zone ability is included as well for enjoying media play without any interruption while navigating. That’s really a great plus!
    Everything is just plug and play. I have not rewired or cut any wires! Now the GPS, BT, TV, radio tuner and other features are all working fine as advertised.
    Thanks SEICANE!
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  • By Nick,
    Nov 19, 2014
  • Car gps navigation for BMW 5 F10 with 9.5 inch Digital Screen,Two-way CAN BUS To begin with, I am super excited to say that this is absolutely my best online shopping experience I’ve ever had! I can’t describe how SEICANE has surprised me with its amazing product, considerate service and high efficiency.
    I have got this new car stereo installed all by myself. It is quite easy. Just need to plug the SEICANE special wiring harness to the factory connectors. During the installation, some small problems were resolved quickly under the professional guidance of SEICANE. That’s really incredible! I am uploading some of the installation pictures for your reference.
    I was worried about losing the original car’s function before the purchase, but SEICANE ensured me that it will maintain the factory radio’s functions cause I’ll get both the original car’s interface and the new. They are correct. Everything from my original car is working perfectly as before.
    Now, I have the brand new 9.5 inch HD big screen with GPS in my car which is way bigger and cooler than the factory screen that comes with it! I have also installed a rearview camera. It turns to the reversing image automatically while putting the car into reverse. That’s amazing! I am going to order a pair of headrest monitor from SEICANE to match up with it!
    Appreciate so much for the wonderful customer service from SEICANE! You are the best!

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  • By Vern,
    Nov 18, 2014
  • In Dash 2005 2006 2007 Chrysler 300C auotradio Multimedia DVD Player GPS Navigation Audio Video System with Bluetooth Radio RDS TV USB SD AUX 3G WiFi My old stereo won’t work anymore. I bought this head unit 2 months ago, and I find it awesome. The navigation function responds quickly when I set a route. The navigation can re-plan routes for me if I drive wrong. This helps a lot. Play DVDs in it would be a pleasant thing. It supports HD 1080P video. I can enjoy HD movies in my car sometimes. I also install car speed DVR and record videos during driving. The videos are clear, I can check back in my cell phone. I recommend this one.
  • By Cathy,
    Nov 6, 2014
  • Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz S-W220 with GPS Radio TV Bluetooth Excellent option to update your stereo. Make sure you have a very good installer. I had to buy an amp to make my tweeters and subwoofer work. Digital antenna included does't pick up any Tv channels. Bluetooth is excellent. SD card reader is also great. Picture quality on the DVD is great. Tech support has been very good. Would definitely recommend this unit for any Mercedes owners.
  • By Pete,
    Nov 4, 2014
  • Android 4.4 All-in-one Car Radio GPS DVD Player for 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Chrysler Voyager with Bluetooth Music HD 1080P Video AUX DVR WIFI 3G Backup Camera It’s a portable stereo. I found it easy to install, though there were many wires need to be cleared up. Its audio output is CD quality, which is much better than my old one. I like Bluetooth function in it very much. It supports BT 2.0. It’s easy to connect, and I can check phone book in the unit screen clearly. The Bluetooth music is available, too. I can play songs from my cell phone in the touch screen directly. It’s convenient and worth the price.
  • By key,
    Nov 1, 2014
  • 8 inch Touch Screen 2007-2011 Mercedes-Benz C Class W204 Head Unit GPS Navigation System with Ipod USB SD AUX Rearview CANBUS The unit arrived quickly, the customer service was very good. The unit looks very good and even better installed. It was installed professionally and looks and works as it should. I am very pleased; but the true measure of quality and satisfaction is determined by longevity and reliability. If this unit last me 5 years I will give it five out of five stars. So far it has 4 out of 5.
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  • By Damian,
    Oct 24, 2014

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