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    • Q:
    • Product Compatibility

      Is wireless radio control button (SKU: 72069 Model:SC7269) compatible with dodge Intrepid radio (SKU: 230080-9 Model:S23838K) ?


    • 20 févr. 2019
    • A:
    • Dear
      Thank you for your inquiry and we are happy to contact you.
      yes, it can fit
      Could you please send us the photo of your car's dashboard? And could you please tell us the model and year of your car?
      We will help you check it

      Par Seicane

    • 24 sept. 2020
    • Q:
    • How does this connect is it 2.4ghz. Or Bluetooth?

      What are my connection options


    • 6 sept. 2018
    • A:
    • Dear customer
      This item connects the unit through the steering wheel control wires , hope this can help you

      Par Seicane

    • 22 sept. 2020
    • Q:
    • do you have a store on aliexpress?

      I'm interested in your product "High-sensitive Universal Car Touch Panel for Android car Radio with Wireless USB connection Cup Slot" ... SKU: 72069 Model:SC7269
      i saw this product on ebay and asked if it can be delivered to Lebanon and it was not possible
      here at your site, i see it can be delivered to Lebanon but i'm having problem with payment method
      we don't have paypal in lebnaon and i can't do money transfer through bank
      do you have such item on aliexpress ? i'm buying from there a lot easily with my own credit card with no need of paypal
      hope you can understand and find a way to purchase


    • 8 janv. 2018
    • A:
    • Dear customer
      It can be shipped to Lebanon and We do currently accept international PayPal,Western Union,Credit card,bank transfer.And you can buy it on our website

      Par Seicane

    • 16 sept. 2020

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